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Zero Waste Youth


Zero Waste Youth is an international and independent movement, organized by young people and focused on integrating and empowering our generation towards a more sustainable world through Zero Waste ideas and practices.

We have already held 4 international events, 3 in Brazil and 1 in Puerto Rico. They all had similar lines of thought and their ultimate goals converged. The purpose is to engage young people into the zero-waste cause by turning them into leaders and changemakers. In addition, create a solid network between the movements and form Zero Waste ambassadors all over the world. Besides raising awareness, we focus a lot on action, coming out with a concrete plan to be carried out in the following years for groups/movements/people working in synergy.

Our movement is growing exponentially, following the worldwide trend of our generation, to guide our actions and choices to what is better for all of US.


When we realize there is no fragmentation, there is no nature and us. There is only nature, and we are part of nature.

We are ONE.

WE ARE not only hope,

we are the ACTION.


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