October 24 - 27 / 2019,

Museu do Mar & Casa de Histórias Paula Rego, Cascais, Portugal

What WE ARE Is All About

The event consists in a four days experience in which the youth will have the opportunity to connect and find its life purpose. By empowering this network of big dreamers, doers and leaders we will create an unforgettable journey and a plan to put in action what we believe will make this planet a better place.

Are you tired of the reality we are facing right now? Are you unsatisfied with what we keep doing to our planet and to ourselves? Because, WE ARE.

Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the Zero Waste Movement, get to know the incredible people behind sustainability projects and innovation. Become part of this change, of this new era, new reality by acquiring knowledge and tools with inspirational change makers and leaders around the world.


We believe in you, we believe WE ARE the solution.


The clock is ticking, are you with us?

Where changemakers reunite

Speeches. Networking. Workshops. Action.

24.10 - Day 0


We start this event from scratch, presenting to all newbies what is the ZERO WASTE CONCEPT. For that we bring the past, current and future generations all-together, through a series of speakers that will share with us what has been done in the past, how it evolved and the new perspectives on the ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT. 

Becomimg zero waste is possible, is trendy, is the new black. It’s the first step you can take, and it depends only on you. We want to inspire you, and show how becoming zero waste can be a trigger, a powerful and kindness weapon for any environmental, social or sustainable cause you are part of. 

Our waste is a reflection of our own selves. 

Are we happy with our reflection?

25.10 - Day 1


So WHY are you here? WHY are you unsatisfied? WHY do you want to change this?

When we know why, when we have our reasons clear in our minds. The way, the steps are just a consequence. As Simon Sinek says, “People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it”. When we understand our WHY we are able to spread our message more powerfully. 

We believe the world outside is an extension of our inner self. In order to change the outside, we must change the inside. By finding our purpose, understanding what makes our heart vibrate, we can BE the change.


This day will help you answer this question! It will be shown to you why Zero Waste could be a starting point to change our world, to connect movements towards a greater good, and to motivate us all to take action straight away! 

Including group dynamics, workshops, motivational speeches, showcases, network and more the event will lead you to the sustainability path, a way with no return.

26.10 - Day 2


Ok, after finding our purpose, our reason to take action - we must understand HOW. 


How can I become Zero Waste? How can I start a movement in my city? How can I reduce my carbon footprint? How can I be a part of an organization? How can we act together?


On the 26th you will learn what we, and other movements and leaders, have been doing lately to improve our planet’s health or to empower people to be changemakers. 

But it is not only about learning how to do it, it is also about acquiring the tools and the network to put your plans into actions. As well as understanding what it takes to succeed in your mission, or should we say OUR MISSION?!

It is time for you, it’s time for US,  to get our hands dirty, with innovative ideas and organize ourselves to  MAKE IT HAPPEN.

27.10 - Day 3


Last day, and, by then... You won't want this event to end, but that is exactly our goal, a NEVER ending effect! 


ARE YOU READY to be the change you seek?  


We think WE ARE. Nature is our wiser teacher on how we all, together, cooperating towards a common goal are able to bring a positive change to our lives and surroundings. 

So, WHAT can we DO about it? This day is an opportunity for us to take responsibility for the future and create a plan, a strategy TOGETHER.


We will show the world that our generation won't sit and watch our future being endangered without fighting! 


We will find our ways to spread the message, empower people,  and create hubs in many different places, to protect our environment.


Tom Blacklock

This event educated people about what they can do to actually make a difference, and also how big businesses like @tevejonapraia in Brazil focus on the environment whilst still being successful.

Rodrigo Carrasco

The connection between audience, speakers and organization was incredible and was also the differential point of this event.

Nowadays it is easy to talk and focus on the problems, but now it is time to unite and focus on the solution in our reach. Congratulations to everyone involved in @weare.globalmeeting , see you soon.

Lucas Fontes

I came to @weare.globalmeeting - the most AWESOME event I've ever participated in - to strengthen the ZERO WASTE movement, presenting @greenthinkingproject and showing what we do in Brazil. Congratulations to the beautiful and inspiring organizing team, who put on a great show and is certainly making a difference.

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